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WebSite Tune-Up
Tune up of your website's HTML, CSS and Javascript code!
  • Update your HTML code to the latest HTML 5 standards
  • Update your CSS code to the latest CSS 3 standards
Speed & Optimization
  • Reduce your overall code size by removing obsolete and redundant code and getting rid of unnecessary characters in your HTML, CSS and Javascript code This will decrease both your page load times and bandwidth consumption!
  • Optimize your images. By removing unnecessary image information (such as camera make & model, etc) from each image file, the size of the files can be reduced with no impact on how they look! - Making them load faster!
  • Using "CSS Sprites" to combine some of your images, meaning less server requests and faster page loading times!
  • Combining multiple external Javascript files or CSS files, meaning less server requests and faster page loading times!
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Make your pages easily crawlable by search engines
  • Optimize your pages for your chosen keywords
  • Ensure maximum compatibility with the very latest versions of all the 5 major browsers (Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Opera)
Our Prices
You won't have to pay for any pages
we're not able to find optimizations for!
Up to 5 pages$79/page
Up to 10 pages$69/page
10+ pagesRequest a Quote
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