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Motion Graphics & Backgrounds Portfolio
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Created especially for the airing of 2006 world cup matches, this 30-second repeating loop alerted viewers that "live football follows shortly", and indicated which match was to be shown. The design itself utilized the World Cup logo, colors from the host nation, Germany, and also the trophy itself which can occasionally be seen to "gleam". A set of these motion loops were created for each match shown. A swirling logo design, with abstract text to promote Chorlton High School, and using the school's colors
To keep in-line with the "branding" we designed for the 2007 "Chorlton Young Musician" competition, we also created a set of discrete motion loops, to be projected on the set during the public semi-finals and finals. As these were to be projected throughout the performance, it was important that they didn't distract from the performers themselves, and would "blend in" with the background. To achieve this, the amount of motion was limited - if you watch very closely, now and again you will see musical treble clef symbols slowly fading in and out of the tree branches! The "branding", logo, idents, and on-screen graphics for Chorlton High School's internal TV station, were all created by our staff. Keeping with the school's colors, the logo for "CHTV" was based on shapes found in the school's own logo
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